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Download Contest Files

There are different hash sets and challenge files for Pro teams vs Street teams.

These files have been available for download since before the contest started, symmetrically PGP'ed with long random passphrases. Small and medium files are direct downloads. Large files are .torrents. In either case, there will be a detached PGP signature hosted here.

Pro Downloads

Pro decryption key: nQyDIGgW8EY3G79dNUKPD47oZ0wwgHFk2Bfc8hg4mf53spN9rzA8xwGaweKK Note: that torrent is a VM. Only the current account passwords/hashes count. Cracks of hashes from expired passwords, password histories, etc will not give you any credit. We are aware that this is mean and a challenge on top of a challenge. But that is how we roll :)

Street Downloads

Street decryption key: NXmHW5AU21kYsGYspFIht1kWR6QQmY8HBiYj0OKEgnv4de7UeqaETEZyubSt Moar

There may be more challenges released during the first day of the contest. They aren't just worth points--once cracked, they also contain hints about how some subsets of plaintexts were generated. So, check here or watch our Twitter feed.

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