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The CMIYC 2013 contest has ended. InsidePro Team won the Pro division, and brad (16 Systems) won the Street division.

Below are the weighted (points) and unweighted (raw crack count) scores for each team. Each password hash crack or encrypted file challenge is multiplied by its appropriate point value. Team PGP keyids are links to team-specific pages listing how many cracks they got of each type, and graphs of their performance over time.

See here for lists, descriptions, and point values of all encrypted file types and password hash types used in the contest, and how many of each there were in the Pro and Street data sets.

PointsRaw CracksPGP Key IDTeamLast Update (PDT)Class
18928395271327604BD8078FDB93InsidePro Team2013-08-03 23:57:24Pro
150979555885EB5E868387147480Hashcat2013-08-03 23:56:56Pro
133214144804E02E1C6CAE5FF735john-users2013-08-03 23:59:03Pro
70857144854BB3F58EE755E27C2Ralph Wiggums Allstars2013-08-03 23:54:55Pro
36573522593176B8413155D1203Blow Cane2013-08-03 23:46:38Pro
2098888642A4A7FF2427F0B9FDathena2013-08-03 23:58:21Pro
6166039924BA79721A223AE417brad2013-08-03 23:50:12Street
57096213582C3AE67656A560270I Cant Believe Its Not Butter2013-08-03 23:46:19Street
33526781152DF3367FE24D9335Crakka Lakka Ding Dongs2013-08-03 16:50:03Street
205383502520ED90FEED3BE110Wheres The Beef2013-08-03 23:53:29Street
1451982744229ADE7375BEDC63bill_e_ghote2013-08-03 11:25:16Street
1017071643006B03D0D2FBB89BDC2142013-08-03 23:23:22Street
2962100491E3D0D512CBA9B7Zerocode_One_Person2013-08-02 16:25:01Street
3831371183A526E1C1C045sweaty_balls2013-08-03 19:55:13Street

Pretty Graphs

Click on an image to zoom.

Cracks Per Hash Type

The table below shows the team with the most cracks of each hash type (unlike past contests, there is no bonus for cracking the most of a given hash type). Each hash name is a link to a page showing how many of that hash each team cracked, and a graph of all of their progress over time.

Hash NamePoints EachMost CracksTeam
sha512crypt700450InsidePro Team
sunmd5700325InsidePro Team
bf55093InsidePro Team
md5225808InsidePro Team
mscash280519InsidePro Team
mssql12752201InsidePro Team
des559153InsidePro Team
Challenge33515Crakka Lakka Ding Dongs
salted-sha1303324InsidePro Team
Challenge1254710Ralph Wiggums Allstars
gost7631InsidePro Team
Challenge769535Ralph Wiggums Allstars
cisco461107InsidePro Team
mysql-sha131756InsidePro Team
nsldap26299InsidePro Team
mscash22001InsidePro Team
nt112272InsidePro Team

Encrypted File Challenge Cracks

The table below shows the time that each encrypted challenge file was first cracked, and which team was first to crack it (unlike past contests, there is no benefit to being the first to crack a challenge, and no limit to how many a team can crack).

Crack Time (PDT)Encrypted FilesFirst Team to Crack
2013-08-02 05:35:33Challenge10_pro_easy.zipjohn-users
2013-08-02 08:09:03Challenge10_street_easy.zipbrad
2013-08-02 08:09:03Challenge10_street_medium.zipbrad
2013-08-02 13:16:03Challenge10_pro_medium.zipInsidePro Team

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