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The following summarizes the teams that competed this year. We will flesh this out, and add detailed pages for each team which will be linked below.

Teams defaulted to being "Street" class unless they notified us that they wanted to compete in the "Pro" bracket.

Class Final Score Team Active Members CPU Cores
GPU Chips
Primary Tools
Pro 1,892,839 InsidePro Team 17+ 206+ 42+ EGB, Ppro, Hashcat suite, John the Ripper, others
Pro 1,509,795 Hashcat
Pro 1,332,141 john-users 19 250+ 12+ John the Ripper, custom scripts
Pro 708,571 Ralph Wiggums Allstars
Pro 365,735 Blow Cane
Pro 209,888 athena
Street 616,603 brad (16 Systems) 1 12 0 Word Machine, John The Ripper, crackpkcs12
Street 570,962 I Cant Believe Its Not Butter
Street 335,267 Crakka Lakka Ding Dongs
Street 205,383 Wheres The Beef
Street 145,198 bill_e_ghote
Street 101,707 DC214
Street 2,962 Zerocode_One_Person
Street 383 sweaty_balls
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